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    Arrow keys.

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    Stanley Kubrick and James Mason work on a scene from Lolita (1962).

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    The Spirit Of Vengeance
    GHOST RIDER Vol.3, #1 (May 1990)
    Art by Javier Saltares (pencils), Mark Texeira (inks) & Gregory Wright (color)
    Words by Howard Mackie

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  4. Matchstick Men (2003), dir. Ridley Scott.

    Paul Thomas Anderson style guides, only Ridley could not give a shit about anything Anderson cares about, so it’s just this weird hybrid that doesn’t work at all beyond Cage it in line at the pharmacy. Even Melora Waters has a cameo.


  5. Anonymous asked: What cultural epoch do we have to look forward to after the McConaissance? Also, do you remember Pound Puppies?

    I’m personally hoping for a period of Luiz Guzmania, but that seems like wishful thinking. There are broader ideas at work, mainly what is owed in a society such as this to maintain our common illusions.

    Pound Puppies, I totally remember Pound Puppies. The cartoon? Yeah I had some vhs tapes of the cartoon. Interesting story, though, that the term “pound puppies” is a bastardized prison slang from the Balkans. You would think it means something relating to “bitch” or “punk” but it actually connotes (and this is a poor translation I am assuming) a prisoner who can shift good through kitchen channels, usually made into weapons. The term came from the beatings that these go between men who routinely attempted to do so without the consent of gangs and corrupt guards.The things you learn from Locked Up Raw marathons.

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    Took me 2 years to frame it but it is finally up. Tony 4 life.

  8. Cosmopolis (2012), dir. David Cronenberg

    The many faces of Dominic Greene.

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  10. Tangerine Dream - “Charly The Kid” from Firestarter

  11. The Rover trailer.

    Jesus, I could not be more in.

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    William Klein, Harlem, 1955

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  13. Joel McHale on Billy on the Street.

    I believe in America.

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    The Adventures Of Jodelle

    Fan-art by me, Dustin Weaver.

    Fantagraphics’s recent reprinting of this is sooooo coooollll.

  15. Coriolanus (2012), dir. Ralph Fiennes