1. In Hell (2003), dir. Ringo Lam

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    Extreme Prejudice
    (1987; Walter Hill)

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    The Hunger
    (dir/ Tony Scott)

    warm-down sketch


  6. Anonymous said: Can I get a brief explanation of 8House?



    8house is a series of stories all set in the same world or universe ruled by 8 magic houses. The idea is to make a shared space where different creators can play off each other’s ideas

    The first series is going to be a series of mini series starting with:

    8house Arclight (#1 to #4) written by me and drawn by Marian Churchland. about a women whose mind is trapped in the body of a monster that she projected herself into years ago.

    8house Kiem (#5 to 8) by me and Xurxo Penalta is about a soldier who is asked to fake her death in order to transport a mysterious box to an enemy house.

    in issue #9 (to 12)  Emma Rios and Hwei Lim take over with 8house Mirror

    and then issue 13 will be the start of an 8house story by Fil Barlow.

    and at SDCC  From under mountains was just  announced. It’s an  8house series by Marian Churchland Sloane Leong and Claire Gibson

    Set in the isolated country of Akhara, rival houses face off in the struggle for political power and military security. Three unlikely figures — a lord’s daughter, a disgraced knight, and a runaway thief — will change the fate of their world, but the only hope of peace may lie with the mystery shrouded goblins and witches, and the ancient powers they command”


  7. Compares himself to Rupert Pupkin in the first five mins.

  8. morganjeske:

    The Hunger
    (dir/ Tony Scott)

    warm-up sketch


  9. No, tell me some more about Jodorowsky’s Dune, brah. 

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    bikini kill footage in the punk singer

    all boys be cool, for once in your lives

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    hi here’s an interview with Marian Churchland, Claire Gibson and I about our new series From Under Mountains!!



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  12. "I wish the makers of Sex Tape had decided instead to explore a couple that was dealing with the fact that their sex tape leaked, and wrapping their heads around the idea that their friends and family could watch it on the Internet. The film’s star, Cameron Diaz, could probably tell you all about it. Remember when that weird S&M video of 19-year-old Diaz surfaced in 2004? She has done her best to scrub all evidence of the thing from the world, but even as the highest-paid actress in Hollywood she couldn’t keep the photos and videos off the Internet, despite drawn-out legal battles and thousands of “cease and desist” emails. And that was 10 years ago! How can I, in the present, derive any enjoyment from watching that same woman break into a warehouse under the assumption that smashing a server with a baseball bat will solve her problem?"
    — Joe Swanberg (director of Drinking Buddies) from a lengthy review he wrote of Sex Tape…?  (Usually you don’t see working filmmakers review movies, let alone mention celebrity S&M videos, so kind of funny to me from that perspective). (via twiststreet)
  13. Various behind the scenes photographs of A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

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    Marvel Fanfare #41, December 1988, cover by Dave Gibbons

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