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    "May seemed to enjoy the minutiae of editing (in its way, a visual analogue to improvisation), although at times her habits became erratic. Some nights she would return to the editing bays after the editors had gone home, with Cassavetes in tow, and systematically undo…

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    Kay Francis Fan Art + Tribute to My Second Fave Podcast: You Must Remember This

    Kinda jealous of Cameron Stewart getting to do Fight Club 2, the comic with his hero or whatever. 

    Still waiting for my email from Ernst Lubitsch, let’s make Trouble in Paradise 2, the comic, happen!  Call me?

  4. Maria Bamford @ the Lyric

  5. Always read the comments.

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    Drew something! OUROBOROS!!

  7. The Island (2005), dir. Michael Bay. 

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    Patron of the wrathfully downtrodden, Unys-Oomodh is the lord/lady of a word that never found its way into the English language that roughly means “life that is held at little to no value to which it is once again almost made inanimate,” as well as microbial life, & last laughs.

    Amongst the oldest of deities, Oomodh comes from an almost forgotten era predating the notions of gender & sexual reproduction. To such an endless being, they are considered to be both a passing phase & a personal affront. Don’t be fooled, the hermaphroditic human-like visage the deity wears as a crown is simply a mockery displaying his contempt. While the eunuch’s arms flail about, & its face twitches between mocking expressions of scorn, sorrow, & joviality, the true eyes & quivering tendrils of the Oomodh godhead lie beneath.

    While in love with its own putrescence & never looking to part, Oomodh will sometimes allow chunks of biomass that spawn from its body to fall off & spread without cease, causing a slimy green-black blight that chokes out all other life. Such an event is documented in the Mauve Grimoire under the title of the Forty Eight Melancholies of Siri-Bhaban (pg772).


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  9. The Island (2005), dir. Michael Bay. 

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    HEY YOU GUYS, there’s a new episode of the only movie podcast made for humans to listen to, Travis Bickle on the Riviera. This week Tucker Stone and Sean Witzke are joined by Jason Michelitch to discuss the following: 3 James Bond movies including On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, From Russian With Love, & Casino Royale, Transformers 4: The Good One & Transformers 3: The One With The Skyscraper Scene, Tony Scott’s Domino, and 24: Live Another Day.

    CHECK THIS SHIT OUT. You need this in your life. Your small, empty life

    You can download episodes directly from itunes and rss. You can follow the show on twitter, tumblr, and facebook.

    Listen to this and then follow the Bickle tumblr and then fight your way out of that lobby full of SDCC attendees because none of those people have families or they wouldn’t be there, it’s like they’re dead already.


  11. David Bordwell on Wes Anderson. 

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    La porte du temps


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  14. everything

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    some viral thing from Nightcrawler starring sweet baby Gylls

    Gyllenaissance time.