1. Robert Pattinson seems like good people.



    “long live the new flesh!”

    the French edition of Premiere Magazine (remember when there was an American one?), wanted to do a shoot with Cosmopolis star Robert Pattinson, but it seems that Pattinson wanted the photos to be more daring and evocative than the magazine had intended. so, the story goes, he pretty much said “stick me into a few of David Cronenberg’s most gloriously twisted movies, and we’ll see what happens.” this is what happened. 

    top: Dead Ringers

    bottom: Videodrome

    visit CosmopolisFilm for a bunch more pictures, including some from Scanners. that is, if your head can take it.

    (Source: truthandmovies)

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    It makes me happy that he’s not actually a fucking lameass.
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    I hope he gets into some cool movie roles soon.
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    Remember when I wrote this piece about how if Robert Pattinson ever wanted to become self-actualized he’d have to get...
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    Robert Pattinson seems like good people.
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