1. Just saw Dana Gould do the be-all, end-all Black Dahlia joke and a little bit of his Dr. Zaius. I’m super happy that I had the chance to see him.

    Gould’s probably my favorite comedian and comedy writer, and he really just destroyed. I dunno, it’s tough to qualify that but he was on my favorite sketch show: The Ben Stiller Show, he wrote for the Simpsons, wrote for Parks and Rec, he was the guy who dug the holes in the park on Seinfeld, he was on Conan a lot when I was the right age to be obsessed with Conan —like a lot of my other favorites. His podcast is definitely the one that’s the most satisfying and funny that I listen to regularly. All of this is not his standup, but all of this was big in my head before I’d even become completely familiar with his material.¬†

    But he’s also one of the people who has the right to say he invented “alternative” standup without seeming ridiculous, and he’s also of that generation who had to be able to own a comedy club as well as do weird, personal stuff (like Maron, Louie CK, Oswalt), and I think he might be the one who bridges that space the best and with the most personality. Also, and I think this is the sentence that proves this whole post is kinda worthless, he’s really fucking funny. Like, the Dr Zaius thing, even though he only did it for like two sentences, that made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. I don’t really want to dissect or explain what else he covered because who wants to read that?

    I don’t really go to comedy shows very often but this month all of a sudden the opportunity to see them came up and I actually have had the means to see them¬† this time - Hannibal Buress played pretty close to my house two weeks back and was fantastic, the live Eric Andre Show was a devastating and overwhelming experience (seriously it was the closest thing to an honest to Butthole Surfers real punk show I ever think I’m going to get to see), and tonight seeing Dana Gould. Doing this stuff has been so great, my real life lately has been pretty awful in places, and a lot of it has been me watching movies in my dimly lit house to get away from the torrents of shrieking misery (y’know when you just start talking about Taxi Driver with everyone you know a lot, yeah…). And while yeah, it’s still just me reacting to stuff, I think that this is somehow better for me on a spiritual level. Not that I even mean “spiritual”, just that seeing one comedy show early in 2011 (Louie CK, where he tore into a heckler so hard they ran crying out of the room) kind of stuck with me for the rest of the year. I don’t want to say that these past few shows are going to stick with me the same way, but man I have to (barely) write just a little bit about how great this month has been because I have the chance to see these shows.

    And now, the other shoe has about a week to drop.

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