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    Full Trailer for Wong Kar-Wai’s THE GRANDMASTER

    !!! i mean, i refuse to believe this is a real thing and not a mass fever-dream until it’s playing in front of my face, but Wong Kar-Wai making a martial-arts epic about Ip Man… i mean, they should have sent a poet.

    The Grandmaster *supposedly* comes out in China next month. supposedly. brb, gotta go get in line for my visa.

    (via SINA VIDEO)

    (Source: truthandmovies)

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    They ‘on’t know bout it!!! They ain’t bout dat life!!!
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    Oi, Wong Kar-Wai
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    However should I feel about this. I really like Wong Kar-Wai’s style, but of his films I only really, really liked...
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    holy hell
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